Cheesy But Cool

personal portfolio website thingy of Mika Mulperi Lakanen


I like to do retro/80's/demoscene inspired, melodic electronic music. Like spacesynth, synthwave etc. I have also done soundtracks to games Planetoid Pioneers and Gunnheim. Below are my albums that I have released on Spotify.


I have done some soundbanks to virtual synthesizers. Download them here for free. You can use these sounds in any commercial or non-commercial project but do not sell them or include them in your own products. Always give credit to me when sharing these sounds.

save_alt LennarDigital Sylenth1

save_alt Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Demo video

save_alt FabFilter One

Demo video

save_alt U-he DIVA

Demo video

save_alt U-he HIVE

Demo video

save_alt Arturia SEM-V

Demo video

save_alt d16 LuSH-101

Demo video



Here are some of my programming stuff.

Hyper Warrior (PICO-8, Lua)

A top-down-shooter that tells a story about a man who is forced to take part in a cruel experiment that transforms him to a cybernetic soldier. Fortunately his consciousness is saved from total deletion to an external flash drive by a friendly scientist who re-installs the data to the brain. Now, back to his normal self and physically superior, he tries to destroy the company that made him what he is.

Game of Life (PICO-8, Lua)

Simple Game of life test in PICO-8. Press Z to reset game. More info about Conway's Game of Life.


Feel free to contact me via email or through my Facebook page.